Begins before harvest even starts. Jack's Popcorn Company, contracts for the "HIGHEST QUALITY SEED" for our producers. Our producers do NOT use GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) dry edible bean seed in the production of their crops and they abide by all chemical labeling laws and provide chemical usage history upon request.

Jack's Popcorn Company has invested in "state of the art" technology to provide the highest quality equipment to meet customer requirements. The Hunter Colorimeter allows for color testing to isolate and guarantee color standards. The Satake Electric Color Sorter allows for individual color sorting to remove undesirable product and foreign material using visible and infrared wavelength vision.

*Picture of Rick in the quality control room

Jack's Popcorn Company office has the most updated efficient computer software that allows our staff to track every load information from the farmers individual field to the individual storage bins that are continuously maintained with computerized aeration controls for the optimum temperature and humidity levels.

Prior to unloading at Jack's Popcorn Company, we track:
Field ID
Quality characteristics such as:
Check seed coats
Seed count per pound
Hunter Color - L, A & B parameters
Grade Dockage

This allows Jack's Popcorn Company to quantify quality characteristics of all incoming beans for our end users choice of products.

*picture of Joanie at the computer

*picture of
colorimeter chart

*picture of Hunter colorimeter
The majority of our bulk storage is computer controlled to maintain the highest quality possible. The computer controls are manufactured by Sentry Technology and continuously monitor: Air temperature Humidity 24 hours a day.
*picture of bins

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