Exec's & Staff

Executive Board:

Steve Brown, General Manager
Rick Roth, Board Member
Gene Chohon, Board Member
Alan Stromberger, Board Member
Jim Hendrix, Board Member

Steve Brown,
General Manager

Steven L. Brown has been General Manager of the Facility since its acquisition from ConAgra. He has been involved with operations of the Facility since 1974 and has been employed by ConAgra Foods, Inc., since 1992. Until 2002, he was Regional Manager for the Rocky Mountain Area for ConAgra, having supervisory responsibility for approximately nine processing locations and nine receiving locations including the Facility, and approximately 75 employees.

When ConAgra discontinued its regional offices in 2000, he took the position of Manager / Grower Services in charge of operations of the Facility ad also works in supply side marketing. From 1982 to 1992, he was employed by Jack's Bean Company, LLC, a previous owner of the Facility, as Executive Vice President and General Manager having responsibility for finance, budgeting, and bean processing plants in five states.

Gene Chohon and his son Eric farm in and around Holt County, Nebraska, where besides Light Red Kidneys they are also producers of yellow corn, popcorn, and soybeans.

Alan Stromberger, with his sons Mark and Brad, farm in Logan County Colorado, near the South Platte River, raising alfalfa, yellow corn and Light Red Kidneys.

Rick Roth, and his son Mark, raise yellow corn, irrigated wheat, and Pinto and Light Red Kidney beans, in Yuma, County Colorado.

Jim Hendrix, farms in Yuma and Phillips Counties, raising yellow corn, popcorn, and Light Red Kidneys.

These men have several common bonds, but the one that makes them standout is their willingness to be innovative in the production of dry beans, to ultimately deliver a safe, wholesome, raw product to the scales of Jacks bean Company. These farms and the many other partners in Jacks Bean Company have the ability, the knowledge, and the desire to "feed the world" the highest quality dry beans and popcorn, while adherring to the strictest protocol of safe herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, and bactericide programs. These stewards of the soil, water, and environment, believe in leaving the environment better .......